The Global Consciousness Project

What is the nature of Global Consciousness?

Information for the Media

For conditions of use of GCP materials, see the relevant section near the end of this page.

General Description

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is a volunteer collaboration involving about 100 researchers, analysts, and egg hosts. Some of us work at universities or institutes in various parts of the world, but these institutions are not funding sponsors or responsible hosts of the project. In particular, this project is not sponsored by Princeton University. The GCP does not have a physical laboratory, but exists in the virtual space of the Internet. It is directed from Roger Nelson's home office, with logistical support from the Institute of Noetic Sciences at Our funding comes from private donations given by a number of contributors.


For links to Articles and technical papers, as well as a selection of media presentations, please see the TV, print, radio page under Multimedia. The most recent overview (2011) is Effects of Mass Consciousness, published in Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing.

A short and readable introductory article (2009) is in EdgeScience magazine, published by the Society for Scientific Exploration.

A One Page Summary is available, though it will inevitably be out of date since the GCP is a dynamic project. For current work, keep your eye on the What's New block on the home page, and on the GCP blog.

Meetings and Conferences

The annual meetings of the Society for Scientific Exploration, usually in late May or early June, and the Parapsychological Association, usually in Early August, are venues where we frequently present GCP findings. For details see the and the websites.

The latest analyses and summaries are presented in tables and graphs on the Current Results page. There are links from the main table to our hypothesis registry, detailed descriptions and analyses of the individual events, and further links to some exploratory analyses.

Conditions of Use

Dr. Roger Nelson is the author of most pages and analytical presentations on the GCP site. All materials on the website are protected under copyright law and are © Roger Nelson 1998-2014, all rights reserved, for the Global Consciousness Project, its data, materials, and presentation. Acknowledgement and datelines are given when material is included from other individuals (e.g., some of the architecture and programming documents, and a number of the analysis pages). Interpretations of GCP data that are not acknowledged on the GCP website may not be attributed to the GCP. A discussion of our expectations and policies on intellectual property is included in the GCP planning documents. We do not endorse nor contribute to any other project or website that uses the phrase Global Consciousness in its name. We do provide a list of collegial groups and a list of links to philosophically aligned sites. We note erroneous information circulated about the GCP, as in the exqamples below, when we become aware of it.

Brief excerpts of the material on the GCP website may be used in scholarly work and in professional reportage, if accompanied by appropriate source and credit information including the web address: As a precondition for participating in interviews or filming of our work for TV or radio specials and programs, we require an opportunity to see what the program does with the GCP work before it is put into final edit. This requirement applies also to the use of materials from publications and web pages describing the GCP. The intent of these conditions is explicitly to allow fact checking, and to ensure an opportunity for a fair response to criticisms or skeptical commentary, if such are to be included in the program.

If you have further queries, please send them to the Project Director. If you would like to be on our email list to receive occasional informal updates on the project, please send an email note from the address we should use, or enter that email address in the subscription form on the GCP home page.

Roger Nelson

Notes and disclaimers

From time to time situations arise in which the GCP's work is misrepresented in one way or another, whether by accident or otherwise, and when we become aware of such occurrences, we will note them here. We will also strive to maintain notice of such misadventures, given the longevity of both electronic materials and the persistent circulation of inaccurate information.