Virginia Tech Dream Report

Just a quick note to tell you all of the dream I had before learning of Virginia Tech this morning (2 am via email from a friend).

In the dream I am in a room on a university campus. It is not a campus that I had ever visited before, I knew that from the start. In the room I see a group of young people who almost look like kids. On the far end of the room, close to the door, I see a table where a young man is sitting.

His hair is black and straight from the back, and I pass him as I leave the room. Before I leave the room, he drops something on the ground and I bend over to pick it up for him. I am in front of his table, and I am able to see his face. He has Asian eyes, I notice, and he seems to be smiling in a happy way. The objects that I pick up off the ground are round and metallic. I put them on the table for him, and I notice that he has a large mound of bullet casings he is playing with. He keeps picking them up and letting them hit the table...and some of them continue to drop on the floor. (Well, I refuse to pick up the rest that drop...seeing this as a game that could go on all day with him.)

I leave the room, and while I am gone...I hear a loud commotion coming from that room. It sounds pretty terrible, and so I rush back to see what is going on. And everywhere I look, there is red, even on the ceiling. My thoughts were that it must have been some kind of food fight, because it is the color of pasta sauce. I won't describe the rest of the images of the room, but that is the idea.

What happens next is...I go to leave the room and I see many parents have gathered outside, along with officials. At a table outside the room, I see a man looking at me. So I go to join him at his table. He tells me that he is a professor and that his research area deals with the sciences. He also pays me a compliment. He says that I look like a very intelligent young woman. He asks me a few questions about myself, and I answer them as best I can. Then he begins telling me about himself, and about his studies. During his talk, I become drowsy...and I am unable to grasp what he is talking about. (It goes way over my head, so my natural impulse to zone out kicks in...even in dreams, I guess.)

Then I wake up. It's 2 am, and I check my email. A friend of mine in Europe sends his condolences, and I had no clue what he was talking about.

I look up dozens of articles and blogs on google, and I find a picture of my professor: [URL]

He was one of the dead.

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