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Note: The daily movies use Flash, which is a vulnerable plugin. We expect to change this so
native movie players can be used. You are welcome to play the movies if you trust your Flash.

The raw data from the eggs are displayed in daily movies that show the GCP network on a world map with all the active eggs displayed as a dot in the appropiate location. The dot size and color varies as a function of the size of deviations from expectation for the eggs. The movie for the most recent full day is shown in a small version on the GCP home page. Full versions are available for playing or download from the Daily Movies archive.

The worldbeat directory contains movies from 1998, 1999, and part of 2000. They are large files, 10Mb, and require a Quicktime movie player. They play as 5-minute summary dots, accompanied by charming music that also is driven by the data. The music is reminiscent (to my mind) of John Cage. Created by John Walker.

New movies are now (2009) being made and will be added here as they become available. Automatic generation will be used for new days, and older movies will be made as time allows, probably in reverse time order. The new movies require Adobe Flash, which is available as a plugin for most browsers. They play as 1-minute summary dots. Created by Dale.

The brightness and size of the dots are proportional to the magnitude of the maximum absolute deviation of the Egg from expectation during one minute. In the lower left is a meter showing the cumulative deviation of the network over time. The filenames with "nv" show the meter, and those with "hr" are high resolution. NetV refers to the Network Variance measure, and DevV to the Device Variance. See the statistics section of the Analysis page.

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