Global Orgasm for Peace 2007

The second Global Orgasm day was described in the same terms as that in 2006. It was an invitation "to effect positive change in the energy field of the Earth through input of the largest possible instantaneous surge of human biological, mental and spiritual energy."

Although the Global-O organizers were clear that the focal time would be 06:08 GMT, the formal event time was specified as the whole day of the 22nd, in UTC time. The primary Stouffer Z analysis shows a positive outcome, but it is a mild trend, interestingly beginning just after 6. The trace trace is similar to that in 2006, relatively flat until about 07:00 UTC after which the curve follows a generally positive tack for the rest of the 24 hours. As was the case last year, the picture has a feeling of promise, but it is not possible to know whether the trend is evidence of a "signal" or not. On the other hand, achieving a kind of "replication" lends some credence to the interpretation of an effect related to the Global-O event. It is a similar pattern and approximately the same effect size. Will this pattern continue? Stay tuned. As we have determined over years of analytical assessment, the signal to noise ratio in GCP data is very small, and for most categories of events it appears to be necessary to have dozens of replications to support reliable conclusions or interpretations. The statistical analysis for the second Global Orgasm Day shows Chisquare 86570.7 on 86400 df for p=0.340 and Z=0.412.

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